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Agency Services

Asset Acquisition and Disposal

Agency Services Team acts as a moderator between the asset holder and the seeker so as to arrive at a best possible result. We have comprehensive listing of residential and commercial properties available across NCR which facilitate us to serve our clients with most suitable option at shortest period of time.

Tenant Advocacy

We translate our market knowledge into client advantage, by providing the best suitable solution. We patron with client to locate the most contended and appropriate place to live or work. We have experience, extensive knowledge and are commitment to defend tenant's rights.

Major points where we help our clients to take an informed decision are Lease and Charges, Maintenance, Escalation Clause, Eviction Clause, Security Deposit etc

Lease Administration

Our Lease Administration Team focuses on managing current and future lease agreements in residential as well as commercial arena. We analyze individual leasehold documentation and ensure all business terms are in place so as to make clients on profitable side. To make our client leverage best of market opportunities we assist them in managing vacation rate for the asset and subleasing the property.

Financial Procurement

With the shooting prices of real estate in India, and high interest rates on loan against property it becomes very important to get the best interest rate with the least of hassles. We are well verse with the bank norms and process and have good contacts with the representatives to get a quick and hassle free loans.

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